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Media Activities Center (MAC)

The Media Activities Center (MAC), located on the lower level of Newcomb Hall, provides a variety of technology resources to support media and general student organizations.

Intended as a center of collaboration, the MAC hosts a community table at which students can work together at a large table, sharing imagery from up to 6 laptop computers on a LCD display.  There are 6 booths with the capability to hook a laptop up to a LCD display.  Additionally, there are 5 large LCD screens throughout the space that can be used separately or in conjunction for presentations, group conversations and trainings.  For a low-tech option, there are wipe boards located throughout the room as well.

In addition to the various collaborative opportunities in the MAC, there are a multitude of 27” iMAC computers with design software installed, laptop bars and seating areas for independent and collaborative work.

Hours for the Media Activities Center

  • Monday–Thursday  
  • Friday  
  • Saturday  
  • Sunday 

Movie Ticket Sales Only

**SAC and MAC closed**

  • Friday    
  • Saturday    

Phone: 434.924.4164

Features of the Media Activities Center (MAC)

  • 27” iMAC Computers and Printing
  • Adobe Suite for Advertising & Branding
  • Multiple Collaboration Stations
  • Large LCD displays
  • Laptop Bar
  • Wireless Access
  • Casual Lounge Area
  • Reserve a table for your CIO’s meeting

For questions about the MAC, email

History of the Media Activities Center (MAC)

In 2007, the Student Council President and Associate Dean of Students and Director of Newcomb Hall worked together with the Consortium of University Publications (COUP) towards developing better resources on Grounds for media-based student groups including newspapers, magazines and newsletters.  From these conversations, the idea of a shared media resource center was conceived.

Three years later, when the 2010-14 Newcomb Hall renovation project began, the Media Activities Center was built and technologically outfitted to support web and print-based media organizations.  Intended as a creative and collaborative space, the room was built and equipped to bring students together with up-to-date and forward-thinking technological resources combined with a vibrantly designed space.

The doors opened to the MAC in Fall 2010 on the lower level of Newcomb Hall.